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An invitation to connect to what matters 


One-to-One Coaching for Women 


Wellbeing Courses and Groups - online and live 

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EVE Coaching 

Success and Wellbeing

It is all about you

It's your agenda, your goals, your pace.


We work in a partnership  - it involves committment on both sides.


The coaching takes an integrated and holistic approach, based on knowledge and practice from many disciplines and areas of knowledge - executive coaching, how we learn and change, and mindfulness, to name a few ...

Coaching yn Gymraeg hefyd

What are EVE events?

Come together with a  small group of women to reflect, connect, share and learn.

You will have space and time to focus on yourself -  your goals and priorities, your career, your wellbeing, and your life.

We identify important issues and explore future plans.

Past themes have included - EVE at work and EVE and Wellbeing. 


Our experienced coaches and educators lead you through enjoyable and interactive sessions and share tools and techniques so that you can get the best from your life - personal and professional.


EVE is informal and friendly.

Group coaching, fun exercises and activities, tips and techniques, sharing, and connecting. 

It’s all about YOU.


Booking is essential as places are limited. 


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Dr Alyson Jenkins            


I have had a varied career. Learning and growth are themes throughout the many roles I've had in adult education, environmental education, community dance, health science research, project management, and more.  I am a curious person.

I trained as an executive and leadership coach (ILM 7) and have qualifications in adult learning and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coaching.  I specialise in wellbeing and in helping people gain confidence and clarity to integrate their experiences and values for a life well-lived. 

Mother and grandmother. Welsh speaker. Ecofeminist. Poetry lover.

About Me


One new year’s EVE, Alyson was visited by a friend who was struggling, and who wanted to spend the evening doing something different from the usual revelry. Alyson suggested dreaming of an ideal future, listing strengths, reflecting on the past, and letting it go. They wrote, drew, and talked for hours - feeling inspired and energized. 

The idea of EVE was born.

“The two days were an excellent opportunity to reflect on past experiences and identify my goals for the immediate future.”

“The timing of it seemed perfect for me, so I participated with a sense of faith that I would benefit from it, and I did!


It was a wonderful refresher in self-care, with the participants sharing their own wisdom as well as receiving new learning”

“I really enjoyed the Eve workshop. It gave me some new tools and tips on making changes in my life, as well as plenty of time to reflect.”


 NEW YEAR'S EVE 2023 - 2024 


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